Clear Your Mind of Can't.

Support your highest ambitions and celebrate your greatest accomplishments.

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Do Something Good

Demonstrate your devotion to the One who calls you "His".

Good Thing - Proverbs 18:22

Celebrate the favor God places on marriage.

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Prayer Warrior.

Convey your courage to step out in praise and prayer.

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Positive Apparel for the World's Most Passionate Leaders, Achievers and Eternal Optimists.


Positive Messages

The fabric of my Prayer Warrior tee is comfortable and the fit is perfect for me.  The fabric and printing used is so different than other tees I own. It has a substantial weighty feel that’s neither too thin or overly heavy. I wear it all the time and feel great in it.

Julie S. - Littleton, Colorado

The Clear your mind of can’t shirt was given to me as a gift.  Wash after wash, it keeps its shape, the print design is virtually undetectable, and there was very little shrinkage.

Karen W. - Broomfield, Colorado

We absolutely love the inspirational message the shirts provide. Something for everyone in the family.

Robert M. - Forth Worth, TX

Positive apparel for the world's most passionate leaders, achievers and eternal optimists!