Enamel Fireside Mug - CLEAR YOUR MIND OF CAN'T®


Enamel Fireside Mug - CLEAR YOUR MIND OF CAN’T®

In the back-country, at the office, or on the go, the ruggedly durable Enamel Fireside Mug by Kan-doo Attitude™ with the signature slogan design, “Clear Your Mind of Can’t ®” supports your highest ambitions and celebrates your greatest accomplishments. Inspired by your steadfast spirit, drink from the cup of encouragement and be your very best today.

It’s easy to toss in the towel when dealing with life’s uphill battles and downward spirals but God relentlessly pursues His people and speaks truth into our hearts reminding us that He overcame the world. We are called to encourage one another and bring glory to God not just in our own life, but in the lives of those around us.

The “Clear Your Mind of Can’t” slogan Enamel Fireside Mug is a unique way to share an attitude of optimism with someone who could use a little extra encouragement today.  Strap the handle to your pack and hit the trail in spirit-filled style. 

What curve balls are you ready to conquer? What obstacles have you overcome? Ask God to give you strength to passionately pursue the amazing doors He is opening in your life. He faithfully provides the tools and stamina you need to make a positive impact in the Kingdom and restore your spirit as you push forward. Share your product photo and Kan-doo Attitude story with us at can-do@kan-dooattitude.com.

  • Design printed on both sides
  • 10% of Net Profits Support Programs that Strengthen Marriages and Families
  • 12 oz. Enamel mug, white coating with silver rim
  • Height 3.14” (8 cm) x 3.54” (9 cm)
  • Hand-wash only
  • DO NOT heat liquids/foods up in Enamel mugs